Red Letter Day – Citrix XenClient 1.0 Released

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Citrix, Virtualisation


Citrix have just announced that they have released XenClient 1.0 to the market.  Quote from Peter Blum on The Citrix Blog:

On behalf of the entire XenClient product team I’m thrilled to announce general availability of XenClient 1.0 and the Synchronizer for XenClient 1.0 as part of XenDesktop 4 Feature Pack 2. XenClient has been more than a year and a half in the making with countless late nights and weekends dedicated to creating this ground breaking bare metal client hypervisor.

This is an important software release for the desktop management arena.  The promise of the bare-metal client hypervisor is simplified co-existence of work and private life operating systems on the same workstation, and offline VDI.  This second feature is a major roadblock for many potential VDI implementations, so we have been looking forward to its release for a while.

See the full press release here:

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