Yes! You can deploy IE6 on Windows 7!!

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Altiris, Symantec, Virtualisation

Symantec is the First Vendor to Solve Windows 7 Migration Issues relating to Internet Explorer 6

Symantec has released a new option as part of our application virtualisation product to virtualise Internet Explorer 6.  Many customers have not been able to move to Windows 7 because of numerous dependencies on the older web browser.  Symantec’s approach enables side by side Internet Explorer v8 and v6 compatibility without the need for something has ‘heavy’ as MED-V. More importantly the solution offers a secure implementation that is invisible to the user.

Administrators can determine which applications should have access to the specific browser – eliminating use beyond specified programs.  End users are never prompted on which browser to use – the correct version automatically opens for them based on policy.  This option will help you move faster and more efficiently to Windows 7 without spending thousands if not millions on upgrading software in the near term.

Check out the video online at WEBINFORMANT.TV.

This new functionality is part of the SP6 update for Symantec Workspace Virtualisation v6.1 (the software formerly known as SVS).  Other new features include:

64-bit endpoint support – 64-bit Agents are now provided for several 64-bit endpoint operating systems, including Windows 7.

Office 2010 – You can now package, stream, and virtualise Office 2010.

Automatic application streaming by file association – Provisioned applications are streamed automatically when associated files are opened on the system.  For example, Adobe Reader can be streamed automatically the first time a PDF file is opened.

Streaming Dependent packages automatically – You can indicate that a package has a dependency on an application in another package.  When the package that contains the dependency is streamed, the package on which it depends is streamed automatically.

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