Thoughts from the Symantec Worldwide Technical Symposium

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Altiris, Archive, Backup, Symantec


I have just finished attending the Symantec Worldwide Technical Symposium and Partner Tech Engage (to give it it’s full name) and wanted to share a few thoughts and observations from the event (in no particular order).

Altiris IT Management Suite/Client Management Suite – the new v7.1 Silverlight-based console is great!!  The natural drag & drop interface controls that the dev team have come up with are so natural to use, and the console is so fast!  its a JOY to use!!  Deployment Solution 7.1 is finally ready for prime time – yes, you can start thinking about retiring that old 6.9x DS.  ITMS/CMS Version 7.1 is due for release in March 2011 (but is available in beta now).  (Remember that v7.1 is 64-bit only, so migration will always be to a new server running W2K8 R2, rather than an in-place upgrade.)

But what is in store beyond v7.1?  Symantec are gearing up for the move towards user centric computing (or the “consumerisation of IT”).  They understand the need for secure global access to all you info, anytime, any place, on any device, and are planning and developing with this in mind.  I think this is the right thing to be doing, and hope that it will put CMS in good stead in our fast-approaching multi-device multi-OS world (no longer will Windows be the one and only thing we are managing on a daily basis).

Data Loss Prevention – Data Insight is an amazing addition to DLP.  It collects and presents data on who is using what data, and when, within your environment.  This opens up the doors some incredible new insights into what data is important to your organisation – and most usefully – to whom.  It also can show what data is simply never being used – helping you identify potential candidates for data archiving.

Talking about backup and archiving, Symantec are building towards a very brave world of “Delete By Default”.  By this they mean, due to the share volumes of data that we will all be managing in the near future (think petabytes = common), we will have to be confident in deleting unrequired data, rather than the default action we take today – which is to keep everything “just in case”.  To aid in this direction, they are looking at including the data classification engine from Enterprise Vault into NetBackup, allowing classification based policies to be created.

Symantec also see cloud-based storage for enterprise off-site backups maturing in the coming year, and will be introducing products/services (in a partner-friendly model) into this market soon.  Other items on the NetBackup wish list include VM-auto Addition and IT Self Service.

On the Archiving front Symantec are building a SaaS version of EV for the Hosted Solutions division (ex-MessageLabs).  It will be focused on small business’ in its first release. 

I attended a couple of great lab sessions where Workflow Solution was put to great use automating processes that connected DLP with SEP and SEE.  End-to-end solutions were shown that used Workflow to gain approval to quarantine or delete bad files, automatically encrypt files that contained private/confidential data, and an automated workflow around a user requesting an exception override to a company DLP policy for a one-off file copy to a USB device.

Backup Exec – Managed Service Provider version coming in the next release.  This will allow MSPs to use a common management platform to manage multiple customer’s BE environments.

All in all it was a great conference which offered heaps of opportunities for learning.  Thanks Symantec!

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