Symantec Digital Whiteboard

Posted: November 17, 2010 in iPad, Symantec

The whiteboard. It’s a part of every technology discussion. The challenge is you can’t take it with you.  We’ve all taken those blurry small photos with our phone camera’s to try to ‘capture the moment’ for review later.  Now you can take it with you, and share or collaborate on the original drawing.  At the recent Worldwide Technical Symposium 2010 in Las Vegas, Symantec introduced the Digital Whiteboard in Beta form.  Just drag and drop.  You share what you create, and even keep iterating on it.  With a mouse and keyboard. Or a touch screen. The oldest technology tool brought into the digital age. Draw. Save. Share.

The new tool was demoed by VP of Digital Marketing Michael Parker and it has some interesting potentials, but is it a big deal?

The philosophy behind Whiteboard is that people often take pictures, re-jot down notes, or generally try and grab onto sketched out ideas so they don’t lose them.  But then it become troublesome to share them in an organised way.

Enter Symantec Whiteboard, complete with a library of pre-defined images (stencils) to drag, drop, draw, arrow, shift and connect together to create flowcharts easily shared and understandable by you and your co-workers or customers.  The product has built-in knowledge of all Symantec products and will auto-fill in product names as you type.  It’s like a simplified touch-aware Visio for the wall.  Symantec has built in touch-screen support if your boardroom TV or monitor supports it.  All the usual multi-touch controls that we have become used to are available.

Then the pièce de résistance – iPad Support. Michael Parker introduced it with a sardonic remark about how “everyone has been asking for support on it”.

And just like the desktop, and touch-TV counterparts, the iPad version is just as simple.  The iPad Whiteboard software also supports a VGA cable adaptor so u can present from the Whiteboard from your iPad to a external monitor or projector, and it will support video out for presentations.

The iPad version also supports exportation to Symantec’s file format, along with JPEG and PNG support like the desktop versions.

Partners can download the beta now at the Whiteboard site but there’s no word yet on the delivery timeframe for the iPad version.  The user manual is available here.

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