Today’s Windows 8 Leak…

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Windows
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Today we have some new Windows 8 screen shots leaked from China via

The interesting thing shown here today I think is the Windows Live logon integration. This is something that Windows has sorely missed for some time now, especially for home users. Hopefully this eludes to further integration with Windows LIve services, such as the ability to store your Windows settings and preferences on Sky Drive, and have them follow you from PC to PC.

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Windows 8 to have restore to factory setting option and other features

Chinese site Win7China had an exclusive talk with their tipster in Microsoft and according to them Windows 8 would have restore to Factory settings option which would allow users to fully restore your windows to ‘factory’ state within 2 minutes and also it wouldn’t utilize much of the disk space. In Windows 7 and previous Windows we can create a ghost copy of Windows after it has been installed and can recover using it whenever required, but with the addition of this new feature in Windows 8 it would be much easier to restore your windows to factory state.


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