3 More Hidden Features in Windows 8 | ITworld

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Windows

Windows 8 to get better crash-detection features, a 3G/Wi-Fi/WWAN Cost Limiter and gasp! a taskbar with multi-monitor support.

By Sandro Villinger, ITworld

Late last month, I spent some time digging into an early Windows 8 build and found some interesting hidden features — including the Windows Store, a hybrid boot mode that drastically reduces cold boot time, Automatic Maintenance, and Spot Verifier, which checks for bad sectors in real-time and marks them as “bad” in order to avoid data loss or damage.Then came the presentations at the AllThingsD and Computex conferences and all attention turned to Windows 8’s new immersive UI. But there’s much more happening under the hood that Microsoft isn’t quite ready to tell us. After looking through about 1500 group policies of an early Windows 8 build, I’ve caught a few interesting hints to yet unrevealed features.

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